Dry Food Diets For Inner City Pets

Stool quality for high density living [and we’re not talking designer furniture!].

The busy lifestyle that inner city pets enjoy with their families means that optimum nutrition is essential for good health and vitality. We’re all aware of the benefits of a healthy diet to our own well being but sometimes it is difficult to ascertain what is most appropriate for our pets. Our inner city house dogs are different from their wolf like ancestors who hunted in packs and devoured carcasses: our pets live much longer with our care than their ancestors did, so their nutrition needs to be balanced and tailored to both their life stage and lifestyle.

Premium life stage dry food is designed for optimum digestibility and is low residue, resulting in a smaller, well formed, easily collected, non malodorous stool. This is an essential benefit for inner city high density living with pets, whether it’s walking outdoors with dog and poo bag, the person drawing the short straw on indoor cat litter duty, or the non pet owning resident who appreciates that care in their neighbours. Dry food also gives good dental exercise without the risks of choking, constipation, dental trauma and bacterial contamination that can be the result of feeding bones. Dry food is easily measurable for those who need calorie control, does not have a strong odour and will not attract insects to the extent that fresh meat or tinned food will.

The consistent look and shape of formulated dry food makes some people think of it as similar to a breakfast cereal and therefore they find it difficult to accept that our dogs and cats should eat it as an exclusive diet. I think of it as a NASA-like space diet: total balanced nutrition precooked and prepared for you.

Dogs and cats can be as susceptible to dietary sensitivities as we are, and these can manifest as maldigestion or skin allergy symptoms such as poor coat quality and scratching. Food allergies in pets are related to underlying protein sources rather than additives or preservatives and novel or modified protein diets are available for allergy trials in pets with persistent digestive issues.

Your local vet will be happy to give you non biased dietary advice tailored to your pet’s needs.