We are an executive committee:
what should we be doing in connection with pets?

Owners corporations should always be striving for a happy and harmonious community within their strata building.

In the context of pets, this can be achieved by having unambiguous by-laws and a clear and defined attitude to pets.

By-laws which appear to permit pets can be misleading.  Take options A and B in the model by-laws.  These by-laws do not permit pets: they prohibit the keeping of an animal without the written approval of the owners corporation which must not be unreasonably withheld.

It is the responsibility of the giving of the approval (if you are an owners corporation) and the uncertainty of receiving that approval (if you are an owner or tenant) which causes the uncertainty and grief when it comes to pets.

You may wish to have a building where no pets are allowed.  Although that is not what we recommend or prefer, if that is the case then your by-laws should simply prohibit pets.

Our preferred position is for your by-laws to permit pets but with conditions which must be complied with, coupled with a clear route for the owners corporation if the conditions are not met.

See [legal/sample pet by-law for an example of such a by-law].

Keeping a track of the pets in the building is a good idea: see [legal/sample pet notification form for an example of the form which may be adopted for your building].  It is also a good idea to keeping a Pet Register.  This register could comprise a copy of each notification form, coupled with information on when the pet came into the building and when the pet left.