Pet of the month


Breed: Miniature poodle
Age: 12 years
Suburb: Sydney

Calvin is a fun-loving pooch who is the perfect fit for his strata building. Calvin loves releasing excess energy by going for long walks in the city and enjoys curling up on his owner’s bed at night.


Breed: Shih Tzu Pug cross
Age: 5 years
Suburb: Woollahra

Meet Stella, a pampered pooch with a sunny disposition and fondness for people. As a small dog, Stella feels right at home in her Woollahra apartment and loves city living. Stella’s favourite pastime is taking a trip to the doggy day spa.

Breed: Mini Foxie cross Poodle
Age: 1 year
Suburb: Terrigal

Lilly is an energetic pocket rocket with a friendly personality. Fully-grown and weighing only three kilograms, Lilly’s tiny frame is the perfect fit for strata living. Lilly loves her teddy and snuggling up on the couch with her owner.

Breed: Tonkinese
Age: 7 years
Suburb: Meadowbank

Coco is a highly affectionate Tonkinese cat with a passion for eating, sleeping and receiving belly-rubs. Her placid personality means she feels right at home in her strata building.

Breed: Ginger
Age: 2 years
Suburb: Neutral Bay

Dexter is a playful and mischievous cat who ironically, is terrified of mice. Dexter loves laying in the sun and above all things, adores curling up on the couch with his doting family.