Hints & Tips

The best way to keep your pet cool on those hot summer days is to wet a bandanna and put it around their neck, but make sure it's not too tight.

Both dogs and cats should have their coats brushed daily .The short-haired breeds can probably skip a few days of brushing. And if your stylish dog or cat gets a dreaded matt in his coat, use a few drops of mineral oil to work the fur loose

There is no way a pet bird can get adequate exercise if he or she stays inside a cage 24 hours a day. While bird experts (correctly) stress that daily out of cage time is essential to a bird's mental health, the need for physical exercise can only be met by providing adequate time and space for your bird to play out of the cage. Set aside a bare minimum of 2 hours per day to allow supervised, out of cage playtime for your pet.

Cats like games that involve what they do best: climbing, running, leaping, stalking and pouncing. Pick toys that encourage those behaviours and your cat is bound to use them. That's the allure of the table tennis ball - it rolls and hops and skitters away when your cat pounces on it, encouraging batting and chasing. Cats see moving edges better than stationary objects, so toys that wiggle, bob, or weave fascinate them and trigger the stalking and hunting reflexes.